Dj tracy young and kim zolciak dating

Of course, there was another major relationship in Kim’s life when she was filming And while Zolciak was struggling in regards to settling down or not, these days, Kim is downplaying the relationship completely.

“He lived in Atlanta, he was in real estate, he chased me for a year and he was just kind of my best friend,” Kim Zolciak revealed about Big Poppa, who she was briefly engaged to, adding, “I was a nurse at the time, I worked really hard.” Oddly enough, Big Poppa dropped her off at the charity event where she met her husband, Kroy Biermann.

The two have been so busy since getting married that they haven’t taken the time to go on their official honeymoon.

Right around the time they got married, Kim got pregnant with Kash, and the twins soon followed. These days, Kim Zolciak is filming report, Kim Zolciak recently sat down with Andy Cohen, who was more than ready to grill the mother of six on her various relationships.

Clearly, Kim has no interest in talking about that.

“Oh crap,” Kim Zolciak replied with a smile, adding, “I’m not talking to you about that.” For a brief moment while filming , Kim dated lesbian music producer and DJ, Tracy Young. The two casually dated, and Kim bragged about Tracy knowing what a woman wanted. These days, Zolciak isn’t thinking about her brief lesbian encounter.

The gals showed up Saturday at the Blacks' Annual Gala in Miami Beach, where Young was overheard gushing, "We're really happy!

"A source told the gossip site, "Tracy broke up with her longtime girlfriend to be with Kim.

Besides those, Montreal is one of my most favorite cities to play in. I just remixed Cher’s “I Walk Alone.” Pink wrote that song.L&S: Can you pinpoint the moment when things became romantic? L&S: Were you ever tempted to deny your relationship with Tracy? I hadn't even had the chance to talk to my family about it. L&S: Do you feel you're giving a voice to other bisexual parents?Kim: There were sparks, but [physically] it was a gradual situation. Kim: I'm among the millions of parents who have been in a gay or lesbian relationship.But one thing I've realized about backstabbers -- they're only powerful when your back is turned. — is coming to Philadelphia this weekend to spin the second go-round of Bruce Yelk’s new bi-weekly rager, bi at Sundown.

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